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A simple way to manage your network and make it work for you.

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Welcome to the Beta!

We're excited about our new site. There will be a lot of work of us coming up but we're ambitious to make a great product. Here's some things we're looking to have you in upcoming releases.

Our first goal is to make our product work for you, the way you need it to. But it doesn't hurt to do it with some style.
We've done a good job so far making sure the your data stays secure but we think we can do more. Being able to keep your network private is a feature value compared to similar sites. Your data is yours and not for the world o see.
Who wants to do entry when you have people to meet and connect with? We want to make it easy to starting My Networking Buddy so you can start making your network work for you.
We want to make it easy to find the one person you need when you need to, even if you can only remember that they sell tacos and need a new salsa chef. Similarly, getting the right people together using our match making service is one of the reasons we built My Networking Buddy. The better we can do that, the better we can be for you.
Use the right tool for the job. My Networking Buddy won't be everything to everyone so we don't expect you to use us exclusively. We want to do our thing and do it better than anyone else. But when you do use other products, we want them to work seemlessly with ours to save you time.
We're small right now. When we get big, we don't a single user to notice. Getting every piece of code tuned just right is important to us to make sure you don't wait on us, ever.

How Do I Sign Up?

We're happy you want to try us out but right now we're in an invite-only beta phase.